We seek talents to join us in Berlin

At TradeMachines we are building the trading concepts of tomorrow. In the heart of Berlin, TradeMachines works with its international team on the future of finding and selling used machinery at fast pace and fair value. Many of our goals now and on the horizon are deeply dedicated to improve the experience of discovering new deals and facilitating meaningful and international trades.

We are looking for …

someone who wants to take over responsibility for our data processing infrastructure and enjoys working in an agile team. To be able to do this we need you to have acquired these traits already:

  • Strong experience with Scala
  • Some knowledge about Akka Streams
  • Experience or curiosity in CI and AWS
  • Software engineering skills

But you’ll also need to pick up a few skills on the job:

  • Our strong DevOps mentality
  • Our Result-oriented thinking
  • Our culture of continuous learning and improving

If you have a background in most or all of the above, then odds are you have a lot of choices of how to spend your time. We consider TradeMachines as a rare chance to shape millions of people’s experience discovering one of the last un-digitalized markets. So you should too.

There are huge rewarding long term projects but also a ton of low hanging fruit (you shouldn’t have to look around the site long to find some…). Just about any feature you touch contains something interesting to hack on that will affect how hundreds of thousands of people experience TradeMachines daily.

If this sounds like an interesting challenge to you, write to [email protected] 
Feel free to ask our CEO, Heico or any other employee directly. Or you come by and just visit us.

We work in autonomy

When it comes to how we work, we believe that trusting each other is key. Through our culture of trust and responsibility, we let the principles of Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose guide our people. We’ve started our agile journey; now we’re looking for bright minds to help us reach our next goals.

We constantly learn

One key objective for the whole company is to “create a dynamic changing organization with the best team and workplace”. We put learning in the center of our culture and spend time and energy on developing every single employee, the teams and the company to create a long lasting relationship everybody profits from. We invite speakers, consultants and go to meetups or conferences to constantly grow and improve.

We enjoy the atmosphere

We achieved the position of being the proven winner in the market especially by our relaxed and creative atmosphere. We believe in everybody giving the best and engaging with all possible.
At TradeMachines, we have a notoriously small team of engineers (currently 8) who develop the core site. Engineers enjoy a large amount of autonomy and independence in how they solve problems.
We are technology agnostic, if it works, use it; but we implement our features by creating responsive pages, structuring a growing code base and rationally choose new technologies. We work closely with the product owner, designer and backend team in order to define what to build next and how to do it.
By the way, we are also part time friendly.

Find us: trademachines.de
See us: company.trademachines.com/about-us/impressions/
Read about us: company.trademachines.com/about-us/press/
Experience us: TradeMachines FI GmbH, Stromstr. 39, 10551 Berlin

Our people say …:

Janka (product queen)
“Mutual respect and open discussions from management to every other employee
to always find the best solution, is what our success is build on.“

Franck (full blood software engineer & man of the first hour)

„I learn a lot and I like working with great & talented people. I can choose how we implement, with which technology etc … People trust our decisions. And we can even influence product and company decisions. “

Jacqueline (data juggler)

„I like our culture of being all on eye height. The positive culture of dealing with failures is unique. The whole environment is very flexible. “

Andreas (passionate software engineer)

„We do awesome stuff and have fun making it happen as a team.”